Save Your Sanity, Small Business Owners – An Intro to Social Media Virtual Assistance

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, do you ever feel as if you’re missing out on social media marketing opportunities?  Are you stressy because there are a zillion things to do and there’s simply not enough time?  Having some difficulty unsnarling the social media ball of confusion?

That’s the beauty of delegation and partnering with a social media virtual assistant.  And outsourcing your social networking tasks to a virtual assistant is an sole proprietorship hong kong excellent solution, freeing yourself up so you have the time to focus on what you do best.

What is a social media virtual assistant or “VA?”

A virtual assistant is the latest and most cost-effective alternative to help you complete  those time-consuming, but important tasks.  Your VA is someone who is like a freelancer or an independent contractor, working remotely, usually from a home-based office.

Here are some of the tasks a social media virtual assistant can do for you:


  1. Create and setup social network profiles
  2. Set up a social network management tool
  3. Create a marketing plan
  4. Provide social media training
  5. Monitor and manage your online media accounts
  6. Create a customized Facebook Welcome page
  7. Add videos to your Facebook business page
  8. Add articles to your Facebook page
  9. Add appropriate applications on your LinkedIn profile, promoting your business or skills
  10. Create a PowerPoint presentation and include on LinkedIn profile for increased exposure
  11. Find relevant groups to join on LinkedIn and Facebook
  12. Customize Twitter background
  13. Find great people to follow on Twitter
  14. Target Twitter audience
  15. Research trends on Twitter
  16. Register business on local business directories, a hot new trend
  17. Online reputation management
  18. Do business alerts
  19. Keep an eye on complaint boards and consumer reviews
  20. Competitor analysis
  21. Submit web site to business directories
  22. Research topics for your blog, articles or newsletters
  23. Submit your written articles to article banks
  24. Submit articles to sharing sites
  25. Submit articles to bookmarking sites for increased exposure


Of course it’s possible to do these tasks yourself to increase your online presence.  It may be a bit nutty, but certainly doable.  Instead of driving yourself crazy, save your sanity by outsourcing those tasks to a social media virtual assistant.  A VA keeps up with the latest techniques and interactive tools so you don’t have to.

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